The procedure to be followed while requesting for any Transaction authorization in SAP is as below: 

1. The SAP Access Authorization Form should be filled and signed by the user. 

2. The user should take care to fill all the mandatory information’s in the form, failing which the form will not be processed by the SAP Team. 

3. The form should be duly approved by the respective Functional Head/Divisional Chief.

4. For creation of new SAP user id, the form must be duly approved by the User’s Divisional Chief/Deputy Chief. 

5. The approved authorization form should be submitted at “SAP HELPDESK” ONLY. 

6. SAP Helpdesk will provide a new ticket to the user after validating the Authorization Request Form. 

7. The SAP Functional Team will verify and approve the requested authorization following which the BASIS team will provide the authorization. 

8. The SAP Functional Team may reject the requested authorization if any SOD (Segregation of Duty) violations are found. 

9. User will be communicated via e-mail after the authorization is provided. 6. PROCESSING TIME Tickets logged for the Authorization Requests will be processed within 16 working hours.